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my list of teachers

Here is the list of My teachers that have made an influence in my practice (I will be adding periodically to this list):

1st teacher ever * Mirah Ammal
Level 1 Fall 2010 – Aalim School of Dance
Performance Classes, Summer 2011 – Aalim School of Dance

*Melanie Meyer
Level 1 Fall 2010 – The Cassandra School

*Sarah Jones-Larson
Level 1 Winter, Spring, Summer 2011 – The Cassandra School

*Deb Rubin
Upper Body Therapeutics Workshop Winter 2010

*Zoe Jakes
Drills, Musicality Workshop Spring 2011

Burlesque Bellydance (1 drop in), Summer 2011

Level 1 Funkstyle Belly Dance, Summer 2011

Level 1 Tribal Fusion Winter, Spring, Summer 2011-2012  – BoHo U

*Ashley Lopez
Layers, & Combos Workshop, Summer 2011

*Jolie Roberson
Burlesque Fusion Workshop, Summer 2011

*Sofia Tribal
Monthly ATS, Workshops 2012


Workshops I’m Thinking of Saving up for….

Kami Liddle / Zoe Jakes Workshop ($120 – 30 people)
6 hours
Chicago, IL

Ariellah Weekend Workshop Intensive ($???)
Chicago, IL

Sharon Kihara 4 day Workshop Intensive ($450)
4 days – 20 hours

Sofia Tribal’s Third Annual Tribal Renaissance
Carolena Nericcio and Mira Betz
Couple of Days

Intensive Workshops To – Do List / Wish List :

SF Mecca Immersion

San Francisco, CA

the tribal massive
The Tribal Massive
Las Vegas, NV

The Massive Spectacular Showcase

Las Vegas, NV

Tribal Fest

Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive & Festival
Las Vegas, NV

North American Bellydance Convention


I took a workshop/Ballet workshop with Stephanie F, and I could not grasp what was happening during the workshop for the life of me…
BUT then I started dancing in the kitchen and using my head following my hands, using my eyes…
And somehow I realized its all about energy.
It isn’t really dancing, its something else that I actually cannot describe…
(I’m not dancing actually, I’m inside of the emotions of the song)

And with energy comes my facial expressions.
Improv for me at least is allllll about throwing, passing, and transferring energy through my body as well as into the audience.

It’s about not showing the song, but truly feeling and being INSIDE of the song….

There is this really special moment when I was improving (I video record), and I transferred most of the energy in my hand, cradled it, molded it on my way down and through it into the audience…

I can visualize the energy, and the energy is the song…in my head its literally a ball that goes everywhere and can take over my whole body. I can let a little of it out, split it in half (some in my hands/some in my chest)..ext

I see Zoe and Ariellah, in my dancing for sure. Mainly Ariellah though.

I am soooo excited!!!!
BUT, you cannot be tired/Please Rest, and NEED a song that you truly understand, and can feel.  Massive Attack has the perfect song for passing energy. It almost makes me want to perform at the Hafla next month… But I dunno yet…

Learning learning learning… So excited!!!

Goals for Ms. Jakes workshop

As my teacher said and I must remember you will not remember everything in the workshop. If you can learn and pull at least 3 new things then it was a success”
This is what I shall keep in mind..
“Fake til you make it”
Try a move before asking how to do it, you’ll be surprised with what you will find

So then it becomes…
What are my purposes for taking this class? I am a beginner and this is for an intermidiate level..
My teachers will stand next to me as students, you got me?

1. Remember what my teachers have told me about workshops
2. I’m doing this to take a peak into her mind, see how she thinks, and organizes her art, so that I am aware especially from such a legend
3. To collect for my future and understand tribal better, I’m not going to understand everything but I am making metal notes for my future self.
4. Just watch her in the flesh, period. Something to look up to.
5. I wanna say, “even though I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, it was fun! I tried my best!it feels great to be in that moment period”

Mainly 2 of all things

But I’m fighting for my present self…
Breathe, this is for my future, I cannot help that she was in MN @ my 8month mark.
I just don’t want to be overwhelmed.

Breathe, Future self, have fun!

My first Workshop w/ D. Rubin

What I’ve Learned today:

I’m TIRED. Haha. I took the Dance Therapeutics for Upper body & Healthy Backbends.
I took it because, its one part of my body but I need more work on…
What I’ve learned…. We described what we loved about our favorite dancers, and that we can be all those adjectives as well. That felt really good.
And she asked us why we love dancing, what our goals are, what makes us unique, ext… It was really really nice to have that. starting out.
*I can be just as inspiring as my favorite dancers are to me.
*Yoga Practice, Yoga Practice, Yoga Practice. That was 3/4’s of the class. Getting that flexibility and relaxation in the body. *Left hand behind your back, roll left shoulder in circles. Left hand behind your back (lower back, all the way up to the upper back), press hard on neck muscle where its tight, move head side to side (left, right, left). You should feel a stretch in the muscle. Should circles while doing this.
*Healthy back bends involve a tight/stable lower abs, and keep your chin forward so your head is stable as well. The flexibility in the bend is should be within the chest to mid-abs. You get out of a back bend by moving your head forward first, then the rest of the body will follow. On your knees, breathe in shoulders back/extend head/neck, breathe out shoulders forward… each time move back a little bit. — Afterwards go into child’s pose.
*Snake arms, I was on the right track by extending the shoulder and pulling in the shoulders.
Interesting insight: Crazy things they didn’t think they could do during a performance that they didn’t prepare their bodies for on stage.
*During your practice, you must drill, drill, drill, everyday to keep up with it. If someone doesn’t do shimmies every wk she looses it. Its body memory. She said some of the most inspiring dancers, also friends, work their asses off (100 shimmies, ext). Remember that. Continue to drill. Put on some music and drill.
Quote of the Day: “Use your Yoga practice while dancing!”