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YEA!!! tlc silly ho

hahaha i love the youtube comment “Nicki Minaj…Take Notes” *claps* thank you

love this shit!


creep tlc, comfort food

I LOVE THIS VIDEO! It has this awesome vibe to it! It reminds me of the younger years.

OMG, this song is like total comfort food to me. again never knew what the hell they were talkin about but still listened to their music

90s kick

yeah i could watch this video over and over again. haha i was too young to even know what a scrub was despite the definition in the song. lol! I really thought they meant a a dishwashing scrub… *crawls into a hole* and i was left-eye for halloween my costume was the white one whens rapping.. lol

I truthfully don’t think there’s one goddamn day where I’m not pissed the fuck off! Life fucking pisses me off no matter what
I used to somewhat have a clue about what God was doing in my life but now it’s like……… Really?!? The fuck?!?

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