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Tonight. Metal

And I feel grounded


Metal means my life.

Metal reminds me that I existed somewhere in time before.

I feel more present. And always represented strength for me.
I promised and knew it would never leave me,
And every time I go back I feel more at home, a cocoon.

Metalhead at heart,
That is the whole reason I resonate with the slowness of tribal fusion style.
When ever I listened to dimmu I would always envision a woman moving slow dispite all the choas of the drums and sounds that surround metal,
But I never knew how to express that vision.

Dance will come full circle.
The beauty of metal will come full circle.
I promise.

Joey Jordison – "Disasterpiece" Drum Cam (Widescreen HQ)

Going back in time for a moment here…
i had a dream.. that i went back to drumming… I couldn’t set my kit up for nothing… the band was yelling, and I said “stfu!! dance took over!!” and I was frantic trying to remember everything!! lol

Which lead to looking up Joey Jordison.. I was CRAZY about him in the day!!!! CRAY-ZEEEEE ABOUT HIM!!! <33333333