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Mardi Love – Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

She has me sooooooo engaged!! The most minimal song… and I just need to see this again!!

I remember when I first saw this, (About a year ago), I was kind of freaked out by it. It scarred me a bit. I think I had never seen a costume like that before, and the song was haunting to me at the time. Like a ghost… All I saw was ghost.

But now, its different. She has suuuch patience that I’ve never seen in another dancer. She really allows me to catch my breath, and remember beauty. Pure Beauty. She has such a brilliant imagination. I would never listen to this song otherwise… nor even think or imagine dancing to it.

Dance can be so noisy sometimes, where you think you have to do every little thing all at once… but she puts ground.

Such grace

its been a really long time since i’ve shed a tear during a VIDEO performance… a really long time.