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Kami Liddle Interview, August 2006

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Moria Chappell Interview

Be true to yourself – Interview with Moria Chappell

Q. Please tell us which part do dance change you the most?
Moria Chappell: When I first saw a bellydancer I was mesmerized.  I couldn’t believe how beautifully she could move her hips and how graceful her arms and hands were.  I felt such liberation and joy watching her it changed me forever. I had been in University for 4 years getting my degree and just didn’t feel satisfied.  When I started bellydancing after I graduated I knew I had found my passion and was so happy to pursue it.  That was 10 years ago, and I am still just as passionate about it as I was then.”

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I’m always searching for Ariellah interviews… She truly is sooo inspiring… I have to understand how she gets so much emotion into her dance…

“when I dance, I express the music, I look into the eyes and hearts of the audience. I take from them and they take from me and it is a perfect dance and we all rejoice in it. I give myself to them. I find that hands, and movement of the hands can be so very expressive and so I use much hand work in my dance to draw my audience in and tell them a story, take them on a journey of my love of dance and a journey of the beautiful music that rings in my ears, the music that is my muse.

Well, in fact, the music inspires me…it tells me what to do. I usually fall completely in love with a piece of music and play it over and over and over again because I love the sound, and what usually ends up happening is an outpouring, overflowing burst of ideas and visions. It happens a lot while I am driving…and then I go down into my studio and “play” with the song for hours, just simply dancing to it and allowing myself to shine through…allowing the music to dictate what I am to do. I used to count out and write down every count in the music, then I would fill in all the blanks with movements. Now it is more like I dance to the music, and then capture it on my video recorder and if there are any blanks, that is when I start using the “counting phrases” method previously mentioned. “

-Ariellah,When Goth and Bellydance Meet – Part 1

“For me personally, I tend to keep to the basic movements of belly dance and I don’t stray too far, except to bring in my own personal style and perhaps a fusion of other dance forms on top of the belly dance, but only very, very minutely. “

-Ariellah, When Goth and Bellydance Meet – Part 2

When Goth and Bellydance Meet – Part 1

When Goth and Bellydance Meet – Part 2