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i literally ALWAYS have to have this video posted somewhere on my blog (it keeps getting deleted off youtube). So yes once one copy is gone i get another one. it makes me cry… 🙂


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Zoe Jakes Solo Bellydance Live at the Vagabond 2012

Recent Zoe Jakes…. Amazing. k.

Listen up, dancers:
Her face is on, just as much as her body is on…
With an amazing dancer, you could just film only her face, and it would still be an amazing performance.
No body needed…
Watch this video you will understand exactly what I mean by this.

So, in conclusion, if a professional videographer (thats not too bellydance-savvy) keeps zooming up on your face, take that as a compliment. I noticed that with a few Rachel brice videos.

P.S. This was amazing live!!! O MY DEAR–#$@^&%*— yeah, I wanted to record the performance so bad but sometimes, you have to just Enjoy the performance. And thats exactly what I did, well worth it too.

Stage Presence By Amira Jamal: Lift, look up and beyond, and smile

Best Article I’ve read yet about stage presence. A Must Read.

Speaking of energy: If you want to think of the audience as giving off energy, think of that collective energy as floating up away from the people into the air. A dancer’s energetic field floats around her and above her. The magic of stage presence is how to get the dancer’s energy out into the audience, and how to engage the energy of the audience. By looking out OVER the audience, rather than directly at the audience, your energetic field will float over and out above the audience to mingle with the energy of the audience. That is how to get a dynamic exciting experience going between the audience and the performer.
As an example, I will dance for a minute or two with the finest technique but no lift, then will do nothing but walk around the room, but with the magic lift. Invariably the consensus is that, for entertainment, they would rather watch a technically “inferior” dancer if that dancer has stage presence. It is a more engaging, dynamic, and fun performance for the audience, than a performance by a dancer who might be technically skilled, but who slouches, doesn’t lift, doesn’t look over and out, etc. (Of course let me issue the disclaimer here that it is ALWAYS good to be a technically skilled dancer!) “

-Stage Presence – Part 1, by Amira Jamal

Lift, look up and beyond, smile (but don’t paste it on – music is so complex your facial expressions must reflect the various strands of the melody), and TAKE YOUR TIME. One other element in your stage presence package: Pacing yourself and not being too busy. If you think of yourself as an artist, and that your dance is a picture (in motion, of course), think of what you would rather look at: a serene painting (not a still life, but something that has organized color, texture, and a recognizable theme) or scribbling done by a young child…

 A dancer who is experiencing the dance as it happens – as the music is converted to movement, is in for a wonderful treat, as is her audience.

-Stage Presence – Part 2, by Amira Jamal

Zoe Jakes Solo Bellydance Live at the Vagabond 2012

*Small Clip I took, Beats Antique Zoe Jakes @The Brick, Minneapolis MN

I got the awesome chance to see Beats Antique this weekend,
And zoe has ENERGY! She owns the stage. Owns AURA. Owns the Music.
It’s all about Energy. And in some youtube performance clips she’ll makes this crazy face with her tongue sticking out…in real life…..
I got chills. It was so so Powerful. (It reminded me of one of those demon thingys that you see in paintings) I had never seen anything like that. It’s the biggest thing that stands out in my mind throughout her entire performance. And a lot of things stood out!
There is a sense of no self-judgement, she is completely open/free on stage… I didn’t get the feeling that she had the thoughts of “omg should i have done that?” lol. Like the stage seems like a very comfortable place for her to create and experiment with her art.
One thing I remember saying to myself while watching, “Another dancer could be doing the exact same moves and technique but if she didn’t have the energy/personality/stage presence I would by no means be enchanted by her. Not one bit.” Her energy + Bass is amazing!!!!!

she’s really good at drawing in space.

Lemme tell ya, it is so different when the music and the bass fills an entire building. Its very very empowering to hear your music that loud! And to finally feel the bass in your body. That was my favorite part of performing.