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Woo! So What’s the exclusiveness?
Sneak peak at my first handcrafted top! 
I’m making it for my first performance with the Bobo’s, which is in 8 days–Dress Rehearsal in 5 days! I just found out that we’re really preforming 2 days ago! Yeah, get to creative work! lol
I’m pretty proud. This only cost me $60. ($30 for the swimsuit, $30 for fabric)
All the rest was jewelry my mom and I were going to get rid of!
But I ending up making the jewelry design in about an hour, and the fabric placement took about 30-45mins. 
Honestly I thought it’d take way longer and didn’t realize that I’m better at just collecting jewelry trinkets and then spreading everything out and saying these are the colors (Gold and Red), and then Run with it!
Of course there will always be those last minute decisions , but this is pretty much the final piece! a few things here and there maybe moved but–I’m really proud of myself. You have no idea how scared I was at making something… The things that seem the easiest may be some of the hardest things to do. I’m happy I was able to execute my vision and make something that I love!
Now all I have to do is sew find a belt and makeshift skirt and scarfs. 
I can not wait to put this on for the first time!!!!! And it FITS!!! That’s the best part you don’t find very many 32A or 32AA,  pre-made.