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My Dream Job… I finally said it.

Right now,

This video is my dream job.

Yes, It would be so cool to backup dance for Britney Spears one day in a music video.I honestly think she is so amazing! I love her music it’s so fun and positive!!

Dance in Music Videos. Not backup dance on tour–I said,… Dance in Music Videos!

It’s got my love for modeling/cameras/lights/hair-makeup/costuming/cut-stop-redo i.e. directors direction/Physical Product…and dance. I think I feel theres a sense of accomplishment and “finished-ness” in photography/video opposed to performances. 

Thats so hard for me to say, this past few weeks have been torture. but for some reason, tonight it clicked.
And talking to my husband helped 110%, he made me take a step back and get out of my head.  I could never have picked myself back up without his encouragement. I’m so so blessed to have him. I’m taking a yoga/ballet class on Monday, and seeing where my future studio goes 😉