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Tribes Of Persopolis – Brice, Jillina, Sonia, Adore, Kihara, Campbell

I really cannot wait to perform with the Bobo’s! :))

Club Bellydance

Do I went to see the Bellydance Super Stars, Club Belly dance a few months ago…I wrote on my phone but now I’m going to type out what I wrote:

What separates them and makes them BDSS:

  • Body Coordinated
  • Costumes
  • Facial expressions
  • Choreography is fantastic
  • Great makeup like real stage makeup not like, “mom makeup for a performance”
  • Bodies are built
  • They pick songs that look good on their bodies, it literally looks like their body is playing the music
  • You can tell bellydance is engrained in their bodies
  • They are obviously well versed in other dance styles (spins, mainly like jazz/ballet/contemporary)
  • I loved Sabrina in person!!!!, she took her time (the other dancers were too spinny and hyper all over the place)
  • They were great actresses (They’d sing the words and truly understood the songs within their bodies)
  • They are very present
  • Their styles were very apparent
  • Loved the solos
  • Super glittery bodies
Other troupes/dance companies: Less individuality, Not as great choreo, Too many on the stage