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i literally ALWAYS have to have this video posted somewhere on my blog (it keeps getting deleted off youtube). So yes once one copy is gone i get another one. it makes me cry… 🙂


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I took a workshop/Ballet workshop with Stephanie F, and I could not grasp what was happening during the workshop for the life of me…
BUT then I started dancing in the kitchen and using my head following my hands, using my eyes…
And somehow I realized its all about energy.
It isn’t really dancing, its something else that I actually cannot describe…
(I’m not dancing actually, I’m inside of the emotions of the song)

And with energy comes my facial expressions.
Improv for me at least is allllll about throwing, passing, and transferring energy through my body as well as into the audience.

It’s about not showing the song, but truly feeling and being INSIDE of the song….

There is this really special moment when I was improving (I video record), and I transferred most of the energy in my hand, cradled it, molded it on my way down and through it into the audience…

I can visualize the energy, and the energy is the song…in my head its literally a ball that goes everywhere and can take over my whole body. I can let a little of it out, split it in half (some in my hands/some in my chest)..ext

I see Zoe and Ariellah, in my dancing for sure. Mainly Ariellah though.

I am soooo excited!!!!
BUT, you cannot be tired/Please Rest, and NEED a song that you truly understand, and can feel.  Massive Attack has the perfect song for passing energy. It almost makes me want to perform at the Hafla next month… But I dunno yet…

Learning learning learning… So excited!!!

More Ariellah.

I’m always searching for Ariellah interviews… She truly is sooo inspiring… I have to understand how she gets so much emotion into her dance…

“when I dance, I express the music, I look into the eyes and hearts of the audience. I take from them and they take from me and it is a perfect dance and we all rejoice in it. I give myself to them. I find that hands, and movement of the hands can be so very expressive and so I use much hand work in my dance to draw my audience in and tell them a story, take them on a journey of my love of dance and a journey of the beautiful music that rings in my ears, the music that is my muse.

Well, in fact, the music inspires me…it tells me what to do. I usually fall completely in love with a piece of music and play it over and over and over again because I love the sound, and what usually ends up happening is an outpouring, overflowing burst of ideas and visions. It happens a lot while I am driving…and then I go down into my studio and “play” with the song for hours, just simply dancing to it and allowing myself to shine through…allowing the music to dictate what I am to do. I used to count out and write down every count in the music, then I would fill in all the blanks with movements. Now it is more like I dance to the music, and then capture it on my video recorder and if there are any blanks, that is when I start using the “counting phrases” method previously mentioned. “

-Ariellah,When Goth and Bellydance Meet – Part 1

“For me personally, I tend to keep to the basic movements of belly dance and I don’t stray too far, except to bring in my own personal style and perhaps a fusion of other dance forms on top of the belly dance, but only very, very minutely. “

-Ariellah, When Goth and Bellydance Meet – Part 2

When Goth and Bellydance Meet – Part 1

When Goth and Bellydance Meet – Part 2